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What was the initial problem? Was there no blower? 99% of the time it is the blower motor regulator. When you install a new one, make sure you apply alot of the white dielectric paste on the new regulator. This paste tranfers the heat from the regulator to the blower motor. Thats one of the reason for the decreased life of the regulators. To test the blower motor to see which one is the problem, pull off the thick blue wire on the blower and apply a ground circuit to the blower, if the blower runs at full speed, you just have a bad regulator. As for the codes you pulled, they are just bogus codes and dont apply to the problem that you may be having. If you just installed the regulator, make sure you have the red and green vacuum lines plugged into the proper elements that you remove. The right line should be towards the drivers side and the green towards the right side fender. Hope this helps you out!

Jim LaPlant
Factory Mercedes-Benz Technician

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