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1985 300TD self leveling question

I have read some on how to tell if the self leveling system is working or not but now I need to know how to check/set it for the proper "height" and how to tell if it is right. This afternoon I changed the hydraulic fluid and filter and in trying to determine if the car is level or not I measured from the ground to the centerline of the jack point. They were all 10" from the ground to the centerline. Does this sound right? The reason I ask is that whenever I go around a curve fast I get some pretty loud feedback from the tires (squeeling) and the insides of the rear tires are showing the most wear. I do not hear this noise when traveling the same curve at the same speed in the 300D. I plan on moving the front tires to the back and putting new ones on the front but would like some thoughts/opinions on how to tell if it is set at the proper level. The car drives down the road and tracks straight.
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