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A word to the wise. I am in the process of removing the head on my 89 300e (blown head gasket). Unfortunately, I have not been able to do this in the usual location I use for this type of work, so guess what? It's getting done in the driveway. Here's the rub. When it's cold outside, the plastic parts on the engine are extremely brittle. (I can't even tell you how really bad this can be.) Even with being careful, I have broken a number of parts (casing for plug wires, thermo valve and so on). The plastic vacuum lines are really easy to fracture. Will not tolerate any flexing at all. So, I have put off finishing this job until it warms up. It is really amazing how much plastic MB has inflicted or a basically great design. Most of this stuff is crap... Some of the stuff that breaks is not available as a separate order item, so you have to look for a junker for replacements. Learn from my mistakes. Do it inside or wait until it's warm outside.

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