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Trivia answer:

The first Snap On tools were sockets that snapped onto the tool. I don't know if the handle was ratcheted at that point, but I know that the idea was interchangable snap on sockets.

I thought that I had, at one time or another, had my hands on about every brand of combination wrench made, but Stahlewille is not on my list. You now have my curiosity peaked. If they feel any better than a Snap On wrench in your hand I don't think I would be able to stand it.

I agree about the Mac end wrenches, but as I said, I think their ratchets are REALLY crude. I think my Dad must have started buying Mac because of the tool man. When I first got out of the army I worked at a truck shop for a short while before the next college semester started. My Dad was there one day when the Mac man came around. They started talking and my Dad had been buying tools from him since right after WWII, this was 25 years after that. The guy really was an impressive fellow, that probably had a lot to do with why my Dad started buying Mac tools. To him "a wrench is a wrench."

I have no Snap On metric tools, except for a very few hex sockets and such that I got off the Snap On truck for a particular job. Of course I still get to use my Snap On ratchets on anything. If I pick up any other kind of ratchet it feels very awkward in my hand.

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PS, what is the prize for winning the trivia contest?
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