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wiring harness?

Ok, did an archive search, but just looking for reassuring (!)confirmation.

Symptom one: on occasion idle will stumble--this is most noticable while sitting at a light while in gear, foot on brake.

Second symptom: acceleration from stop is rough, stuttering a bit, then smooths out. This is also intermittent. Sometimes serious enough for the car to 'cough', almost like a backfire. Car has not stalled and starts everytime.

Car does have new plug wires and OVP, 105k miles. Suspect dreaded brittle harness.

If I bring this car to a dealer for a 'goodwill' harness replacement, having never had the car serviced there (just got it recently from independent vendor), will they give me the boot, or be polite and say sure, come on in? Looking for people's experience on this.

If they tell me to take a hike, can a reasonably skilled diy-er do the repair?

thanks for your responses!
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