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Good choice on going with Euro headlights. They'll really change the look of your front end (did you also get the clear corners?). Not sure what is meant by "caps". The bulbs you'll need are H3's for the fog/driving light section (stocks are 55W; I installed 100W), and H4's for the main high/low beams (stocks are 60/55W; I installed 100/80W). Installation is a fairly "simple" task, tho' I think 10-minutes is a bit understated (I spent that much time just opening the boxes and admiring the lights ) . I would plan a couple hours -- if you're like me, I like to tinker and check/clean/"contemplate" things as I go (it's part of the fun/education). Make sure you were furnished with the connector adapters -- I believe US (4-contact) to Euro (6-contact). The other thing I suggest is getting a "headlight mounting kit" (x2), which consists of top and bottom fasteners. The bottom fastener is a long screw fastening into a square plastic "wedge nut" (a tapered receptacle which fits into a square cutout; when the screw is engaged it spreads/wedges the receptacle tight). As you can imagine, the originals can get brittle and break -- mine did and the install had to wait a couple days 'til I got the parts. Existing top fasteners should be fine, but they come as part of the kit. Anyways, www.************************ has the kits (P/N 82-139 @ $4.73 per kit).

Good Luck!

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