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Originally Posted by DeliveryValve View Post
As noted earlier, there is typically a tag to denote a LSD.
It says... "Achtung: Spezial-Ol Sperrdifferential"
Which basically means Attention: Special Oil limited slip differential

If the tag is not there, then the diff cover will need to be opened to look for the clutches.

BTW - If you get desperate in needing a LSD, those pics are from a 2nd Gen 2.47 from a 560SEL that I can let go at a not so cheap price. I am betting that you can transfer the guts into a 1st Gen 2.47 housing to make it work. PM me if interested.
I hope to find such tags in the yards here shortly- thanks for the info. I see the pic shows the start of much larger fins also- are both pics from a gen II LSD? Thanks for the offer but south florida has some of the best MB yards in the world for parts.
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