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Hard Starting Solved 94 E320

Hard starting on my car was solved. Before I had a hard time starting the car. The first sympton was the car cranks but it won't start, a sign of no fuel going through the fuel injection. After a few minutes I tried again and it starts. The caused of the problem was the OVP. The OVP was replaced and the problem goes away. After a while the problem came back. I thought again was the OVP or the fuel pump relay. This time the sympton was the first time I crank the engine (hot or cold engine) it starts then dies. The second try was I have to depress the gas then start the engine and held the ignition key for about 4 seconds until the engine start. This time there was fuel going through the fuel injection. The first thing I suspected was the fuel check valve next to the fuel pump. replace it but still the problem exist. So after reading all the possible problems I decided to replace the fuel pressure regulator. The hard starting is gone. I can start my car now with only one try.Remember the sympton was the car is hard to start in cold or in hot engine. In cold engine the car will start but dies out after the ignition key is released. In hot engine you will have to hold the ignition key a little longer till the engine starts.
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