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Originally posted by haasman
New/rebuilt trans are truly one of the most wonderful parts of car repairs. Congrats!

You mentioned in your post the O-ring around the shaft of the fuel distributor. Could you elaborate a little more. I want to check mine out.


After you take the fuel distributor off, there is a nut on the bottom with a thin washer, bent over the nut. There is a second (slotted) nut inside the first nut. Mark the relative positions of both nuts for installation (I didn't do this). If you unbend the washer, remove the first nut, the central shaft of the distributor slips out with a very small o-ring at the end. The o-ring can be replaced. Originally my car smelled like gasoline from under the hood and I was told that it needs a new fuel distributor but after talking with another tech he mentioned that this ring can be replaced without having to replace the whole distributor.
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