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My 260e is Running Great!

Every morning I read of all the problems folks are having with their Benz's. I thought I'd post a possitive...

I did a carfax on my '89 260e a couple weeks ago and learned that a past owner had the odometer "refurbished". Looks like my 173,000 miles is more like 260,000 miles. That upset me, but I looked at the big picture and realized...

My car runs great!

Sure I need a quart of oil every 700 miles. My cruise control doesn't work. The power antenna sticks when it's less than 75F outside. The SRS light comes on and off at will. But my "quarter-million mile" 124 gets me to and from work just fine.

I will need new tires and shocks/struts this upcoming spring. The paint has lost its luster. I think the engine timing is off a bit, because it has to crank a while before it starts. But, again, the moon is only 250,000 miles away. That's less than the miles on my car by a few trips between Cleveland and SanFrancisco. And NASA didn't even have bullet-proof MB-TEX seats on the Apollo craft.

So to all of you who are doubting the longevity of your cars as you chase the little (and not-so-little) problems of valve seals, nippondenso compressors and cruise-control actuators - I say keep up the good fight and keep in mind all the things that still work just fine.
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