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94 C280 ignition wiring question

Hello everybody, I'm Joel. I'm actually from the 190 Revolution site but came over here for some tech advice for a c280 that I am working on. Somebody brought me a 1984 C280 with the ignition switch removed and needs me to put it back together. The guy that took it apart dismantled the harness/plug that connects to the ignition switch (big round plug on the back with 7 pins). So the 7 wires are hanging loose and I need to find out the correct way to plug them back into the switch. The switch has numbers for each pin and the wires of course are color coded. Would anybody here be able to hook me up with a wiring diagram for this? I would really appreciate any information! Thanks!

Joel - Northern Calif, USA
86 190e 2.3-16v (Euro)
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