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We've had the car for two years and the coolant was flushed alomst two yrs. ago and we 've never had the problem. the car has 150k miles on it. The three hoses out of the T-stat houseing are all hot. the two big ones Ione to the top corner of the rad and the other big hose to the lower same side of the rad and the smaller one to the coolant motor(?)) are all hot. The rad however is very cool. I can put my had all over it and the only hot spot is on the upper top corner where the hose from the T-stat houseing connects with the rad. The smaller hose from the other side of the rad which connects to the bottom f the overflow tank is also cool. I just drove the car for 2.8 miles and after the first mile the temp went to 80 (normal) but within the next .5 mile the temp went to almost 120 and the needle was just right below 120 as I pulled into the garage. the two aux fans kicked in around 100.

Thanks for the help. I am thinking more a clogged rad or a stuck t-stat. I can open up the t-stat after the thing cools and take a look. If I have to put my $ down on this I will bet on the clogged rad. I am hoping it is not the pump.

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