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Talking My Euros Are The Sh-t! 1 Question Though

Hey guys!

I finally updated my 86 560 SEL with a new set of euro headlights over the weekend and all I can say is WOW! I Loooooove the way these babies look (especially when I roll with my citylights)!

I also wired the citylights so that my light signals INSIDE the headlight with the city light bulb for that kinda new E class effect.The only problem with that was that when I had it hooked up like that, the citylights would only come on if I signaled and not when I was running my side markers. I'm wondering if anyone knows who makes the same light bulb with two filaments so that the citylights will just blink brighter when I signal while functioning along with my side markers.

Right now I hooked them up correctly but I just wanted to see how the light would look when I signaled (and it was a pretty cool affect while I did it in the garage)

Any suggestions are welcome and I hope to have some pics up soon because I snapped the whole installation process (which was a cinch by the way...I even got to keep my headlight wipers). I've already gotten like 4 compliments on her since Saturday! Anyone with ANY doubts about updating your MB to euros, forget it and do the "transformation" because its well worth it and shaves a million years off of the look of the car!

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