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In addition to Neil, get in touch with Farrukh Majid-he's done as much or more fiddling with the spring/shock setups on later W124s (Neil's car is an earlier W124, which had different springs & struts to begin with) than even Neil. Currently, I think Farrukh settled on 500E front springs & struts, as well as 500E springs at the rear. Remember, a 500E has self-leveling too, and weighs just a bit more than the wagon. If you go all the way into an MBZ Sportline or Bilstein Sport setup, ride quality will be severely compromised.

That said, if I were you I'd first look to replace my rear air cells, then see how it rides. If still too soft, I'd do 500E springs & shocks in the front as a next step.
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