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300TD - Steering wheel is too big for my legs

Hello all:

My first post here, so hope we have someone can make some sense out of this.

We are shopping for a 300TD wagon W123 body. I grew up driving a 240D that I loved. So, I'm totally into the idea of a 300 as we start our family.

I test drove on 3 days ago and I couldn't fit my legs in under the steering wheel very comfortably. I get hung up getting in. I have to contort a bit to get seated. While driving I cant really get my leg on the brake without hitting my thigh on the steering wheel.

I can't remember this being an issue on the 240, but maybe I had an adjustable column, unlike the W123?

I've only read a few entries about changing the steering wheel to a smaller diameter. I'm surprised this isn't a rampant issue though! I'm only 5'11" and am thin. Were these cars designed for little german soccer moms???

This is really the ONLY issue I have with this car and I want to figure out what the consensus is for getting over this hurdle. Thanks in advance!
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