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I've run both WVO and BD with great success. It really boils down to two things, you either have to *properly* convert the car so it can accept the oil as is (WVO) or you have to *properly* convert the oil so the car can accept it as is (Biodiesel). There is really only one way to do each correctly but a million trillion different roads to get there and both will cost you a couple, three grand in equipment as a *proper* entry fee. Anyone who says it costs less is not being truthful.

Both require outstanding feedstock. The old addage "GIGO" applies. In either case, whether running WVO or converting WVO into BD, it needs to be water and free fatty acid free. Lots of ways to get there but that is the start. Absent that you are asking for trouble.

On WVO, *properly* converting the car is a dual tank system that uses some heat source to get the oil to at least 160F at the injectors. Filter/centrifuge of feedstock is critical. Anything less is a disaster waiting to happen.

On Biodiesel, *proper* conversion and complete washing/drying are critical. Shortcuts along the way will doom you.

As I stated earlier, there are morons around and if they do not take the time to do it *properly* there is a cost to that. These iron head 616/617s are pretty forgiving. Put some of this crap into a Duramax...yeah ok.

Not hard but once again, requires substantial committment to learning and doing. This means getting off your ass and doing lots of work. Most people will not do it for people are inherently lazy. If they can't pull up to the pump and swipe a card or hit it in the drive thru, it's too much work.

For the rest of us who get off our ass and do it right, we of course are morons who are ruining our cars.
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