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Seat Backs

Thanks for the quick reply. Here's my problem:

2000 E 320. 2 1/2 years of wear resulted in the stain wearing off the leather seat back and a white streak about 1/4" by 5" up the center seam of the seat back. The dealer replaced the seat back cover under warranty last week

The service advisor and I were dissatisfied with the replacement. The leather was buckling and bunching in the corners. He ordered a replacement cover and he'll re-do the work. I'm driving the car until the cover comes in. Now I'm noticing that the lower portion of the seat back is very comfortable. I suspect the original contour of the back was changed when it was recovered.

My plan was to have them do the best they can with the recover, but then switch the driver and passenger seatbacks. That would give me one "factory" seatback, with the original contour and original comfort. If the backs (or seats) aren't interchangeable, than I'm stuck with however the recover turns out.

The tech is replacing the cover manually, and I can't see how the most careful tech can maintain the original contour and firmness when recovering the aaeatback by hand, much less avoid the buckling of the cover that was evident. If the the next recover is uncomfortable and the backs can't be switched, am I reasonable in asking the dealer for a new seatback?

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