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Here is my suggested procedure for a Mercedes cat trap:

1) Remove the fan if you have metal blades.

2) Sharpen said blades to a finely ground cutting surface, like a Ginszu knife.

3) Put a pin in the fan clutch so it does not slip.

4) Replace sharpened fan, taking care not to get cut too many times.

5) Use catnip as a belt coating. An alternative bait is a small amount of cat food on top of the radiator housing shroud.


Starting Procedure:

Prerequisites: Power washer

1) Unlock and open door as quietly as possible.

2) Take your seat as gently as possible.

3) Start car with accelerator pedal a minimum of 1/2 way in, depressing pedal to the floor immediately as the car starts.

4) If any unusual noise is heard stop car and open hood.

5) Upon desired results, powerwash engine compartment.


Does anyone know if PETA has a search engine? If so we're in trouble........

Ken 300D
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