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ALMOST DONE!!!!! I was able to remove the three overtorqued bolts with the impact wrench and replace them with new bolts using the 70nm specified for the M10 shaft. I even got the stripped one out ... after first stripping it worse, I carefully hammered the torx bit onto it ALL the way to the base, then used the impact wrench, and it whirled right out. I was able to reach three bolts on each side, then jacked up each wheel, turned it halfway, put it back down and did the other three (marking the ones I already torqued with a Sharpie just to be sure I got them all). I ALSO checked the torque on all my flex disc bolts, because I wasn't sure if I had followed the right setting (in light of my mistake about interpreting bolt size) ... so they're all at the correct 60nm.
I topped off the diff fluid, then started putting the exhaust back together, but had to run off to work ... it's almost done except one of the old exhaust bolts stuck in the flange, which is working its way out with a punch and hammer. I also forgot the exhaust shield, though I'm pretty sure I can work it under there with the exhaust in place. Guess I'll try to finish that up when I get home from work at 1 a.m., since I scheduled to drop it off for an alignment tomorrow at 8 a.m.
I'm really nervous to start it up and actually drive it ... like there will just be some awful grinding sound when I go to move, or something will fall off. There's also a good possibility it won't start at all, as I didn't think to unhook the battery and my amp may have drained it a bit ... but that would be no big deal, I can just take it to the Advance down the street and get it rejuiced.

Assuming all goes OK and I can go to my alignment as planned: The shop I use is about 10 miles away ... should I try to stick to back roads and drive really slow since it's probably misaligned now? I did try to put the eccentric bolts in the same position as on the last subframe, but that might not mean much since all the old linkage was so worn. I probably could have picked a closer shop, but this one is really good, and handles a lot of older MBs (my indy uses this shop for his clients' cars; it's right down the block from his shop).
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