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Thanx, Robby. Yes, I saw a picture and apparently I need a bushing. No idea how to get to it without a major tranni dismantling.

I did read a post about 80-85 shimmy (from yesterday). It could be rotors, but no other indication of rotor problems.

Yes, WD-40 fixed the squeak in the spring, but is it normal????

I'm due for a 155K maintenance (i.e. 30K check up), so I'll mention the flex disc to the mech, but they supposed to check it anyway.

I know about tire brands mixing, but had no problems before.

l was afraid that the steering wheel freeplay may be due to the worn gearbox.

The leak from the AC would infuriate me after spending $700 on parts, replacement, and conversion. I'll call the place I've got it from

Thanx for your help!!!!
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