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well its wierd how the tranny just decided in my driveway not to shift into reverse.i figured there must be a vent that the tranny fluid is leaking from,the reason i thought the battery was dead was because when i turned ignition,the engine immediatley just turned over slower and slower and slower,the dash light were slowly lighting up as the engine turned over,so i think the alternator may be good,im gonna jump start it tomorrow,as long as it stays running im gonna have autozone check the charging system,everything was fine i literally replaced both battery and alternator 3 weeks far as the fuel leak,the upper fuel pump was leaking due to a bad seat between the check valve and pump body,so i had him install an eftermarket one i purchased from high flow fuel systems,my mechanic kept stressing how much he hates these aftermarket pumps,and how he almost didnt wanna install it,so i told him do it anyways,the top pump is fine according to him now,but out of the blue the lower pump is leaking,he told me it was just sweating,lol its dripping.he was trying to sell me bosch pumps,money is tight so i couldnt afford it,i think hes been tampering with my car because hes not making any money off the parts,but im very concerned about no reverse,tomorrow im gonna see if it goes into reverse when cold,if it does i will know its cuz the fluid expands when warm,is there a drain plug on the tranny pan? if i can find one im gonna drain the fluid to the correct level and see how it much as i dont want to im gonna buy a bosch fuel pump and put it in myself,i just hate doing it on my back and getting sprayed in the face with fuel. im tired of this monkey tampering with my car,never had any leaks till he touched it,and now this no reverse when warm is reallly pissing me offf,thanks.marc
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