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Help!, W124 does not shift into 3rd,4th,5th gear (manual shifter stick problem)

Hello forum!

My car is W124, 1989 230E with manual transmission. I am having problems with the shifter. It freely moves between the 1st, 2nd and reverse positions but doesn't want to go to neutral, 3rd, 4th or 5th gear position. When in neutral the shifter stays in the line of 1st and 2nd gears (in between) but doesn't go to the right side.
This same thing happened before a week ago too. My friend has fixed it by pulling out the shifter assembly from inside the car(after removing the clips in the bottom) and moving some part back to its position at the bottom of the shifter assembly. After fixing this problem I drove 1 week but the problem reoccured. My friend is saying the part which caused the problem is supposed to move freely, however it is getting stuck where it shouldn't be. Did this happen to anybody else. How do I fix this permanently. Thanks.

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