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I spoke with a buddy of mine and he questioned the float levels. I replaced the fuel inlet valve washer with the same thickness as the original when I rebuilt the carbs, but I'm thinking that with the changes I've made that I may have to re-measure. Problem is that Haynes gives a lousy procedure: "Measure the distance between what is the bottom of the float when in its normal 'in car' attitude and the surface of the jet block below the float...The distance should be between 0.827 and 0.906 in". Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you measure from the bottom of the float to the top of the float, that's more than 1", not to mention the additional distance to the jet block surface when it's in its "in car attitude" - there's no way to measure less than 1" when going from the float bottom to the jet block surface when including the height of the float in the measurement. Should I be reading this as "top" of the float to the jet block surface?
Speaking of Haynes, another problem, this time with the timimg specs. The timing table (pg. 92) shows 3 asterisks after the idle speed degree, but doesn't include a key for what these indicate as it does for 1 and 2 asterisks. Is this with vacuum hose or without, or does this mean something completely different? Did I miss the explanation somewhere?
Further, and I asked this in the tech forum before but am still confused, the manual gives 2 specs for the 250/8 and the 250C - the car is a 250C but the identification plate names it a 250/8. The previous response in this forum to my original question told me to go by engine number, and mine is the 130, but both of these models have the 130 engine according to Haynes. So, once again, is it 4 degrees ATDC or TDC? I know, I know - it's time to invest in the CD tech manual!
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