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Originally posted by blackmercedes
Odo, Outside temp, Clock, Speedo, Tach, Temp Gauge, Fuel Gauge. Didn't do the warning lights...(maybe I should have, but they are on so infrequently...)

But, now that I'm so durned good at changing those bulbs (and have the MB tool) I AM NO LONGER AFRAID OF CLUSTER BULBS!

Mazda owners, be afraid! I did the bulbs on our 626, and it took all weekend. You have to take the entire console and lower dash out before the cluster comes out. The 626 only has two main bulbs, one for the tach/temp and one for the speedo/fuel and they are brutal to reach. The dealer wants some 4-5 hours for the job.

Thanks for the information. How difficult is it to do this job?
Can a non-technical person like myself handle this with the right tool?
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