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I just purchased an '87 560 sec and the sunroof developed a serious problem within a few days of my purchase. Everything worked properly, though sluggishly until in our recent rain it now no longer closes totally, (approximately short by 2mm), and the rear passenger side of the sunroof will not lift up to make a watertight seal, (right side locks into place ok). The roof retracts so its obviously not the motor or cable. Big problem in rain...had to put down a bead of clear silicone to get home to prevent water from draining between the roof. I did notice before it broke that when I lifted the the rear there was a noticable metallic "pop" each time it locked into the open position, probably symptomatic of the potential problem.

Any advise as to severeity or anticipated cost of problem would be appreciated. I want to be armed with as much information as possible prior to taking it to a garage.
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