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Why did I have to force my outer bearing on--'85 300D

I replaced the passenger side spindle on my 85 300D. Last week, I siezed a bearing on that spindle. The new bearing I put on in January before this one also failed. ( I had 2 new bearing failures on that spindle--II think the spindle was damaged when my brother hit a curb going 40 mph last December and then drove it 300 more miles and wore out two tires )
I used the spindle from an 80 Gas 280. The part number is the same as the one from an 85 300D. I got it at a junk yard.
I bought a new bearings Kit from Mercedes, but it wasnt in the usual white box with blue stripes.
After I replaced the bearing races I put the Disk Hub back on. I packed the hub with a lot of grease. I noticed it really took a lot of force to push the outer bearing on the spindle! I am concerned. I had to whack the outer bearing in place with a big socket and a hammer. Then I had to wrench the outside C-nut to finally get the bearing in place

Because I have had two bearing failures, I have lost my confidence about what is usually a simple repair. Why did I have to whack the bearing into place?

Is this repair safe? The hub spins freely enough. I still wont driven the car until I get someone's opinion.

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