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brake job, suspension ?s, w124 94E320

I was ordering pads and rotors for our 94 wagon and was asked whether my rear brakes were one-pin or two-pin? anybody know?

Also, with 120k miles should I be doing anything about the bearings at this time? Grease or replace? Or are front bearings a job for a pro?

While I'm at it, a quarter-size rust bubble is growing under the paint just above the plastic bumper about 5 inches in front of the right front fender well (halfway to the headlight). The PO receipts indicate he and the MB dealer repaired this spot twice. Seems odd to me--could it indicate a replaced fender due to a (gasp) wreck?

And might a wreck explain why the car crabs (the front tracks 1/2 inch left of the rear) even after an MB dealer alignment last november. Since then the car ate a set of Mich tires in 20k miles, with severe wear on the outer edge of the right front tire. I've read lots about these suspensions--people replacing everything in sight--so I plan to have it checked out at several shops.

Last, can't wait until Stu Ritter's new manual arrives in my mail.
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