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Again, thanks a ton MB Doc, you are a life-saver.

If I can ask some more questions ....

1. Can the camber change just because the toe was adjusted? that guy says he did not adjust the camber at all, but it changed because the toe was changed (!)

2. Are there special tools for adjusting camber and castor, which only a dealer may have? THat guy at mueller keeps on saying that he cannot adjust these two.

Regarding the ball joint, I am glad I asked you - I am getting my car fixed by a very experienced MB tech, he has worked at a dealer for 30 years and has just opened his own shop, and HE SAID THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADJUST WHEEL ALIGNMENT AFTER BALL JOINT CHANGE. I trust you more that I trust him, so I will take it up with him. How the hell could he tell me that? I am really upset.

Basically, my car seems to have been screwed up - I was better off before I spent all this money.

Thanks a ton anyway, you have been extremely helpful as usual.
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