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Engine shocks help...


Im new to the board so please be kind I have an 81 300D automatic with blown out engine shocks. The motor mounts are new and the engine still shakes pretty bad at idle when in gear. So I pulled of an engine shock and it is broken. Kinda fell apart in my hand. So I ordered what I thought were replacements from Fastlane but the ones I got are too long(part number 126 240 05 48). I checked Fastlane and it says to use the shocks I have I need another replacement part with number 126 241 00 76. My questions are, what is that part I need to use these shocks? I cant find that part number anywhere. Second, does anyone know what else could cause the shake besides engine mounts and engine shocks? The car smokes a bit when cold but not as bad when warm. It just shakes too much. Any help is much appreciated!!!

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