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Speedometer Shop Problems

I took my 1994 S-500 to a local Speedometer shop to have the odometer fixed. (Broken Plastic Gear) While the tech. had the cluster on the bench, he dropped it cracking the front bezel. They ordered a new one from Mercedes, put it on and then the speedometer broke. The unit was sent to Beckmann in Durham, NC. It came back with paperwork saying " Had to replace and rebuild different circuit board" Now, the SRS warning light comes on when you start the car and goes out in a couple of seconds, then comes back on and stays on for around 2-3 minutes, then goes off and stays off for the rest of the time the car is running.

Before they broke the speedometer, the SRS light would only come on for a couple of seconds and then stay off.

Have they now wrecked the SRS system??? Does anyone know if this could be normal with a rebuilt circuit board??

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