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1993 300E Powerband

I am new to the this site and it is great!! Recently aquired mother's 1993 300E, 3.2 liter, with 130k. Thought of selling, but now will keep. 8,000 miles ago she blew the motor due to blown radiator hose and car overheated at 80mph on Florida Turnpike in 90degree weather. (she had no clue what happened) Complete overhaul by a Mercedes shop in South Florida to the tune of $3500. Whatever they suggested she did. I do not have a detailed laundry list of what they replaced, yet, it is on the way. My problem is the car does not pull as strong as it used to during the 2nd to 3rd gear transition. 1st to 2nd redline shift strong and smooth, 2nd to 3rd, seems like it does not breathe as well and struggles to reach redline for the upsfhift. Also any passing or high speed acceleration past 80mph is weaker than it was. I have driven this vehicle at 130 for periods of time, but now I am scared to push it. It is lacking the nads it once had. What should I have checked on this car. I figured it would be "fresh", otherwise the car is perfect.
Thanks in advance. Frank Q
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