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I pulled the subframe on my '87 sedan without a spring compressor, just using jacks and jackstands so I know it can be done. Further, if there is rust etc, I'd suggest dropping it so that you can get a good look around and get it all repaired, Bhodi did this on her car and there is a pretty extensive diary of her process with photos, search "subframe" and I bet you'll find it.

She also had the same problem that I had with my '87 sedan (a Michigan car): the rear mounts were seized to the car. On mine I was scrapping the body so I eventually gave up and cut them off, I don't remember what her solution was. You might start with soaking those suckers, I believe that there is a dissimilar metal interface there that could go through some molecule migration / electro-galvanic corrosion or something, to create one mass.

You said a rust hole through the control arm? I'd toss that arm and contact David Hendy for a solid used one.

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