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I would have to say that a 240D is your best bet in ultimate reliability, but if you want pretty decent performance, a 123 chassis 300D Turbodiesel ('82-'85) is your best bet. Many of these cars have already accumulated higher mileages but if you can locate one with a nice solid body from out west or down south, I'd go for it. The OM617 Turbodiesel engine is excellent on fuel economy and reliability as well. The only problem which you could experience would be with the automatic climate control, but otherwise, it's one heck of a great car. I would shoot for one in the 120-150,000 mile range with service history to back it up. You can easily see 300,000+ miles out of one of these cars with regular maintenance. You also mentioned that where you live is a rainy environment, so I'd put a new set of Michelin Energy MXV4 tires on it. In my opinion, they're the best for tricky weather driving. At about $95/each, they can be expensive, but well worth it. If you want a bigger car, then a W126 chassis 300SD would be the next best bet ('81-'85). Same motor, bigger car. Hope this helps!

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