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Unhappy Help!...Rebuilt steering box, now won't steer!

Okay, I'm going to get flak for this. I had lots of steering leaks in the gearbox. I removed it, bench disassembled it a section at a time, and replaced orings and seals. When I removed the coupling side shaft cover, the shaft unscrewed itself from the gear mechanism inside. As I did this, I thought three times, but did it anyway. I replaced the seals, then proceeded to put the plate/shaft assy back on, threading the shaft back in as I inserted it. After buttoning everything back up, the steering wheel now turns freely and does not engage the pitman driving gears (forgive rough terms, I'm not sure what mercedes calls these parts). I assume that when I put the screw shaft back in, the mechanism that rides in the screw shaft came out somehow. I checked the coupling and the input shaft spins, but there is no resistance and the pitman shaft is not rotating. Yell at me, but I did post a question a week ago about what to look out for; no one replied! I know realize the maybe the screw shaft should stay in place, and just the cover should be removed, leaving the shart in place. If no one can explain this, I will probably take the box in to the dealer and have them dissassemble and reassemble proper. Well, you learn from making mistakes right?
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