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Don't mind if I step in here but Jim, your attacks and insults are totally uncalled for IMO.

Don't build that one. . . .
it will only work once!!!

Build the one in my page: Menu #2 at the bottom of the page:

If you want a 'good' scanner (Menu #3), send me email: I can save you some serious money on it.

Your insinuation that AD's tool is inferior to yours because he doesn't mention the built in resistor if way off the mark. Do you really think that a casual builder (who has no knowledge of electronics whatsoever) would totally ignore a part number and buy just any LED, or go to the next radio shack a block away and find it there? I didn't and I doubt anyone else would either.

Your attacks and insults toward a forum member who has bent over backward to help fellow DIY'ers with this tool and its codes are way out of line.

Arthur, I appreciate the pictoral and the emails that helped me build one of these. Keep up the good work.

Benzmac? Don't you think it's time to close this thread?
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