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Originally posted by matthew merrill:
Ok, now I am confused. I am going to have my
dash off my 78 300 D this weekend. Just in Case I went to the dealer to get the 3 yellow vacuum solenoids and 1 green one.
They thought I needed
000 800 04 78 x5 change over valve (these are for a newer year I think)
001 540 86 97 x2 big valve - Do I need these?
I already have the diaphragms for the vent flaps.

Any other ideas?

All of the electrical switches and switchover valves can be reached without serious dash disassembly. The vac servos are the what you should have all of. Depending ho far you are going in you should replace all the servos. One of them is inside the evaporator housing and isn't much fun.

The big problem is with the center vent and defroster duct servos.

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