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I just bought a white 1994 C220. I really
like car, but the performance is lacking
(even compared to my '85 190E 2.3)..I can't
figure out since the hp is the same.

A couple of questions:

(1) Does the cooling fan have a clutch?
The cooling fan on this car stays on all
the time.
(2) The car when driven from startup, the
first couple of shifts are "delayed"
upshifts...even when warm. The manual talks
about a brief warmup period, but this is
crazy. Normal operation?
(3) The climate control reads in Celcuis
(c) instead of Farenheight..possible to change?
(4)How do I get the alarm system working?
It came with car...but it does function
according according to the manual directions.
Any ideas?

Chandra Bajpai
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