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1994 Mercedes has hydraulic 4-speed auto,

For your Qs,

1. I am not sure, but the cooling fan should be on/off automatically.

2. When just startup, the management will help the engine reach its working temp by delayed the shifts. If after couple delayed shifts, and the tranny works normal, then it's nothing to worry about.

3. Do you have the Auto A/C, with LCD or without?? If with LCD, there should be a C/F switch that will change the reading accordingly, if you have manual(dial with temp on it), then...can't help you here...

4. Factory alarm does not have shock sensor and/or glass tempering sensor. To check, roll down driver side window, lock the car with the key from outside, wait for 30 sec, and open the car from INSIDE. the alarm should go off if your car is so equipped.

I will leave the first Q to MB Doc, Lee, or any professional thoughts....

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