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Hi dieseldude:

the 95 has a few differences from my 87, but I think all of these are discussed in more detail in the archives, so you might want a search as well. On mine, the main dome light assemply is slid sideways to one side (forget which way, but it only moves in that direction) until the clips are visible, and then is tilted/swivled to the side and down until it is clear and the bulbs are exposed.

The shift gate requires lifting up the center console around the shifter. I believe his has the storage box unlike mine, so that is more involved, but is also in the archives.

The headlight switch has a bulb behind the panel. the switch pulls off on mine, a nut behind the switch is removed, and the panel is slid to one side and swivled away from the dash for removal and change of bulbs. This one is also in the search engine, particularly under the Euro light self levelling switch discussion.

I don't know if my rear window switch lights are working or not (or even there!) I don't get much use out of the back seat any more

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