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Oh Brad!

Deep dark depression and excessive misery! What have you done to bring this on? The cohabitating of fluids is not good. You have an internal leak in your radiator. If you look at the bottom of the radiator, you will see that there are a couple of metallic lines entering, these are from your transmission. Since transmission fluid is an oil and the radiator fluid is water based, much like vinegar, the two will never mix or dilute. Please do not put this stuff on your salad! Not only will it taste bad, but the glycol will kill you (or any pets that drink the spillage in your drive way when you work on this)!

Secondly you mentioned a strong odor in the car with the heat on. Normally you would think with transmission fluid dumping into your radiator, that it would be overfull? I think you have a separate and unrelated problem. Sounds like a coolant leak, probably from your heater core, the little radiator inside your dash. I would suggest you do a pressure test and confirm this prior to replacing the core. This pressure test can also confirm the internal leak. If you disconnect the transmission lines before you pressurize the system, you should find coolant leaking out the oil line fittings. I sounds like a small leak, so this make take time, and the presence of two problems may compound this.

When you do the repairs, I would suggest flushing the coolant system and doing a filter and fluid repalcement on the transmission. Note other posts on this BB to get the fluid out of the torque converter when you do the filter change.

Good luck and may I suggest that you buy some new car mats as an offering to make up for the errors of your ways that brought this on?

87 300TDT
150,000 miles

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