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Robert C. Eberhardt
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Angry 1995 C280 - Check Engine(CE) Light on AGAIN!!!

This weekend my wife's 1995 C280 Check Engine (CE) light came on again. This is the third time this has occurred in the last 2 months.

The first time this occurred the computer code indicated a bad coolant temperature sensor and a weak mass air flow (MAF)control. Both were replaced and all was well for 5 weeks after which the CE light illuminated itself again. This time the dealer determined the engine wiring harness required replacement. Well, two weeks after replacement of the engine wiring harness, the check engine light came on AGAIN after a short trip across the street from one shopping center to the other. In a matter of fact, each time the CE light came on it was after a very short trip of a mile or less. Any thoughts on what this could be? One thought I had was a bad O2 sensor. Could that be?

The car has 73,500 miles and the O2 sensor has not been replaced. Has anyone else had a similar occurrence? Before I go back to the dealer again (I am beginning to feel like I live there between the problems with my 2000 ML 320 and the 1995 C 280) I would appreciate anyones thoughts to make sure the problem is corrected at this visit.
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