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Help!! 300D produces heat but the airflow is minimal..

I have spent the last couple days trying to determine what is wrong with my '84 300D before winter is here. During the summer my automatic climate control worked great when I had the air conditioner running. All of my vents are opening and closing as they should and there is a lot of air coming from the vents when I set the blower speed to max. As the temperature drops I have started to switch on the heat. What I have noticed when the heat is on is that the blower seems to be making lots of noise and the vents all move to the proper setting, and the air coming from the vents is hot... But the amount of air coming from the vent is minimal!! If I roll the temperature setting back to min within seconds the air is blasting thru the vents again. It does not matter which setting i use as long as the heat is on the air is minimal. When heat is on i can hear the blower and its running with just as much gusto as when its got the AC going. Any help with this is greatly apperciated as I have search this forum and read the manual but have found no clues to my problem, and i am concerned that the air coming out will not be sufficent to defrost my window.

Thanks in Advanced
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