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lighting project update...

You're right Mike - the child window-lock was the culprit for the rear window switches going dark - interesting (and thoughtful)engineering indeed!

As far a the the rest of the 'light project', the list is as follows:

1. dome light - done. Easy-peasey as the archives indicate.
2. shifter gate - light works fine, Bro-in-law must have been into the good stuff the night it was 'out'
3. lighting switch light- this one's still stumping us....

Out of curiousity, I went to check on my own W124 after telling hime what I found here and noticed the same thing he does: Pulling out on the switch (in the 'off' position) meets with hard resistance as to make one not want to break the switch and let go, when a spring action snaps the switch back flush into its recess. Are we being chicken in not pulling hard enough?

My W123's light switch is easily removeable as stated in the above thread, but our late model 124's aren't as cooperative. Any more help for we special folks is much appreciated

Thanks again all!
- Ryan
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