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I think the real issue is that the Capín is a wanna be. What the Capín wanna be is to have his friend BenzE with him. With BenzE sadly gone, the Capín is trying to find something to help him over-come the loss.

By extension Iíd have to suggest that perhaps Keith never had a great friend, so he ran out and bought himself a S class to help him feel good. But for some reason Keith still doesnít feel good, and so, in the spirit of trying to talk the Capín outta buying a SLK he thoughtlessly took a swipe at the owners of entry level MB vehicles (I've done that too, 'cause I thought it was funny).

There was a time when you were so young and walked in their way.
They made you feel they loved you all-seeing they say.
Youíre going wrong if their game you donít play
and that the song I sing will lead you astray.

Unfeeling, feel lonely rejection,
Unknowing, know youíre going wrong.
And they canít see that weíre just trying to be
And not what we seem,
And even now believe that itís not real and only a dream.

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