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Farting and a smell of gasolene

Hi - newbie making first post - be gentle with me!

I am cross posting - I lodged this on a UK forum a few days ago ( and I really would be grateful for some help.

Being somewhat anally retentive, when I top up with gasolene. I brim it (I know I shouldn’t) so that I can accurately calculate petrol consumption. What is worse is I store the data in an Excel spreadsheet!!

Anyway to my real and current problem. Last week I brimmed the tank as usual and the next morning noticed a large gasolene stain underneath the tank commensurate with the tank/filler overflow. So much so it had softened the asphalt drive in the affected area. What is worse the car interior reeked of gasolene and a week later still does, albeit not as strong as that first day but very - very noticeable.

I have examined the interior in way of the filler neck and tubing, had the rear wash tank out and no evidence of anything untoward. There certainly is no dripping from the tank/filler overflow.

An interesting fact, which may be associated, is that from time to time 5-10 minutes after exiting the vehicle, the old merc ‘farts’ or more probably wheezes and the noise seems to emanate from the fuel filler lock actuator. Sods law is I have never had the opportunity to be close to the vehicle to positively identify it – it seems old mercs are quite well mannered and only lift ‘their skirts’ when they think they are alone.

I am sort of thinking there may be a connection with the vacuum system and maybe a punctured diaphragm. But I know so little (does my car have a vacuum system?) about the system I need your help.

Any help advice gratefully received.

230 TE (W124) 1989 with 153,000 miles on the clock - hoping for at least another 100K
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