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What's a girl's car?

I have couple mercedes (('92 500e with renntech mods, '91 300 te 4 matic with 4 Nokian all seasons)) and a couple non-mercedes (96 Audi Cabriolet, 79 Porsche 91 sc targa). Taken all together, they are not worth a new clk cabrio in $$. I bought them all used. I have the Audi because I "need" a four seater and I can't afford a 93-95 320 cabrio. I drove the Audi in this week's homecoming parade and alot of high school guys said it was the coolest car in the parade (which included a couple dealer provided new little lexus roadsters, BMW converts and CLK converts and a couple slk's), but I suspect it was because I drew the prettiest girl to sit up on the back, so the boys were looking for an excuse to make conversation. The lexus dealer even asked me if my '96 was new (the '96 is built on a circa 1990 "90" chassis and the "new Audi" is atop an A4 chassis!
1992 Black 500e
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