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Daniel Pawlata
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Thanks guys for quick response!!


I really enjoy reading your replies on this Forum. They are beeing said with a lot of experience and confidance which for guys like me with no auto repair background are priceless!!
After following Posts from SteveBFI, Benzmac or others I really don't feel confident anymore giving my car to any mechanic for diagnosis even Mercedes dealer without first sharing the symptoms on this forum. For example: Yesterday when I asked the Mercedes service advisor about maybe doing engine compression test before changing the head gasket and if that would give'em idea of possible problems inside the engine he seid that compression test would only tell me the compression in each cylinder. That's it!!?? When I asked if doing a velve job while the head is off would be a good idea, he said that is up to me!!! Do they work on commision? cose I don't think so! I felt like they want me to tell them what the problem is and they will fix it, give me a brake!! Maybe the problem is that some of the service advisors never worked on cars and that is the problem! Other ways they would be able give me much better answers making people like me more confident going back there with any problem.
Can you guys give me some advice on how to talk to these guys at the Mercedes dealer?? Can I ask to talk to mechanic, or It's not allowed? Can I ask to see the book price list on labor? I do not want to pay for extra hours of labor only becouse the mechanic is with out enough experiance to finish the job on time!!
I just wanna tell you guys that Forum like this is a life saver for many guys like me.
Keep-up the good wotk!!!

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