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Unhappy Timing chain

Timing Chain Problem

I'm a new Benz owner who, wanting to keep my car in top condition, just had my timing chain, timing chain tensioner, and rails changed at 105,000 miles. The problem is the car is smooth as a whistle, but idles higher now than when I brought it in - at 950 rpms versus 750 before bringing it in. I could live with that, but the main concern is the car has no power, either on low end or high end, when you floor it and hit the button, no passing gear kicks in. I called the shop as soon as I returned home, to let them know my dilemna. They assured me that if the timing was one tooth off it would run rough as if you had a couple of bad plugs. All I know is that the car had lots of power when I dropped it off, and now it it has NO power. Could something in the timing or cam settings be causing this, even though it still runs smooth? If someone has any answers, or experience in this type of problem, I would be most appreciate of any help and/or advice.

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