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Just out of curiosity, does the 103 engine/transmission have a similar adjustment? The car is a 300E.

As it turns out, allmost every MB automatic has some form of control pressure linkage.
The exceptions are; pre1970 "klunk-box" used in 108/109/111/113 chassis, 722.1xx used 1980-81 123.123 and 123.130 diesels. The 722.00x and 722.1xx transmissions used linkages to a lever on the side of the transmission.

The 722.3/4/5 trans used in 1982-1995 cars have cable action. All use a similar adjustment theory (throttle and cable should start movement together.)

The 1996 cars start the 722.6 trans which is electronically controlled and no longer has a cable control.

This info is from memory covering a lot of territory; there might be some rough edges.

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