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The chain can be removed after removing the top cover only, but to remove the tensioner rails, the lower front cover must also be removed. Items to be removed:

fan shroud, fan and clutch, coolant, bypass tube, plug wires, dist cap, rotor, air cleaner, valve cover, pulleys on water pump, tandem pump, crank pulley, belt, alternator, 3 bolts on tandem pump, harmonic balancer and hub (required puller rented from auto parts store), bolt on crank (really hard to remove, you can either try to fix the crank by jamming a screwdriver handle into the opening on the front of the flywheel housing into the flex plate or buy a tool from technitool, or put a big breaker bar on, brace it against the ground and hit the starter, not sure how safe the last suggestion is to you or your car, but it worked for me) tensioner (big allen head drivers- 14 and 17mm, I think), lower front cover. Make sure that you have the crank lined up to TDC before removing the damper. Another caution- don't turn the engine backwards after the tensioner is loosened, maybe not at all, because the chain will bind up at the lower guide rail and crack it.
Good luck, a manual is recommended.
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